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Italian Albanian Debt For Development Swap Agreement

Posted byadminon11 12 2020. 0 Comments

1. Justification and General Framework for Development Cooperation in Pakistan At The request of Pakistan, a network of universities is envisaged to promote and carry out Italian and Pakistani exchanges in areas of priority interest for these two countries. They can develop activities for a development cooperation platform, with exchanges of experiences, action programmes and exchanges of information. Areas identified for further cooperation include energy to support rural development, education, health and cultural heritage. Technical assistance from the UTL, the Directorate General for Cooperation and Development of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Rome and the Italian Embassy in Islamabad have strengthened links between the various actors in the territories where coordination and information exchange activities are permanent; The aim is to facilitate partnerships, cooperation between projects and the networking of best practices. The alignment of the overall objectives of the programme with national development priorities, expressed in Pakistan`s development strategy documents, is illustrated by the Debt Exchange Programme between Pakistan and Italy, in which local authorities approve a comprehensive strategic plan approved by the programme management committee. 4) the general objectives of Italy`s development cooperation in the country; sharing with local partners and their coherence in the overall framework of international development and international development goals. Since the 1980s, Italy`s aid programmes have been aimed at supporting local agriculture, natural resource management and environmental protection. Many of these programmes have been led by the Pakistan Agriculture Research Council (PARC), a reference technical reference body for the national aid coordination system. Rural development and agriculture remain the priority focus of development cooperation in Pakistan. Despite an ongoing monthly consultation mechanism between European partners, the division of labour with a high degree of coordination is lacking. In addition, to date, there has been no structured group of aid agencies that have coordinated with regional development banks and the United Nations Development Programme, while a single coordination programme, designed by the friends of democratic Pakistan and the D-10 group. The Federal Department of Economics is the coordinating unit of the government.

EUR 40 million in investments in rural development through the World Bank`s support platform for the Pakistan Poverty Reduction Fund (PPAF) in areas bordering Afghanistan to strengthen rural communities and access basic services.

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