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Sign A Grant Agreement

Posted byadminon17 12 2020. 0 Comments

If joint and several liability has been sought but the declaration is not presented as shown above, the recipient is not deemed to be a party to the grant agreement. This is considered to be the if the membership form had not been signed. Print, sign and stamp (both the last page of the GA and Appendix B), the initial analysis and the recording of the agreement signed on your computer. At UNIGE, the signature processes are led by RS. All contracts/agreements are signed by the Lead Investigator and the Vice-Rector in charge of research. If your proposal is successful, you will be asked to prepare a grant agreement on the financing and tendering portal. To authorize the project signatory, select or select them from the drop-down list, activate the “I allow the selected signatory to be associated with the project” and click [Save]. This person is authorized to sign the grant agreement. The final approval of the HC is the last opportunity for HC to approve or reject a project proposal after completing the technical review and before a grant agreement is submitted to the implementation partner for signature.

The GAA signing process is exactly the same as the GA signing process. You can refer to the GA signature process (above in this article) for more detailed instructions on the subject. Once all the data has been validated by the partners and the coordinator, the Declaration of Honor (DoH) (electronic) is signed by the Legal Signatories Project (PLSIGN). Once the declaration of honour is signed by all parties, the EC coordinator submits all data and declarations. In the case of UNIGE, all financial and contractual matters are settled by the lead investigator. The “Compliance Self-Check” form is required at this stage. The DoH must be approved and signed by the UNIGE Senior Investigator and the Vice-Rector for Research prior to electronic signature by PLSIGN (Research Services – Euresearch). Signing of the consortium agreement for cooperation projects Before the grant agreement is established, validation by the applicable partner is required to ensure that the launch date, bank account and co-authorization contract related to the project proposal are authorized by the organization. Finally, all recipients sign the declaration of honour and the grant agreement.

In addition, an endorsement must be signed for ERC grants and an additional consortium agreement must be concluded for cooperation projects.

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