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Lumun Collective Agreement

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In 2006, when Memorial`s pro-course instructors were merged in 2006, when LUMUN merged, some things improved, Wells says. In 2009, they signed their first collective agreement with Memorial. Postdoctoral fellows ratified their first collective agreement on January 15, 2014. LUMUN`s collective agreement with Memorial University expired more than a year ago and the union is negotiating a new agreement with the university. Despite the new revenues that were paid to the university this year as a result of a series of juicy tuition increases, Wells warns that much of the money is being spent on administrative expenses and does not improve teaching conditions. “We found dozens of semesters after semesters – dozens! – letters of landing only two or three weeks before the start of the next semester,” she added. I`ve heard stories from people who are the week before class starts, when they find out. It`s not enough time… One of the requirements of collective bargaining was that these letters of appointment come out earlier. “Another problem we have is hours of work. We are paid by the course, we do not yet receive an hourly rate,” wells said. Due to the number of courses less taught at the university during the spring semester, many course facilitators cannot teach during the spring semester.

There are no jobs available. Many of our course directors are going to IS this summer. “We`re going to get help for the students. Of course, we hope that the negotiations will go well. MUN talks about the importance they have of teaching. I hope they can put their money where that idea is. The views expressed here are not necessarily those of the Board of Directors or the membership of CAIMS-SCMAI. The editorial policy of this publication is to encourage debate on topics and facilitate the dissemination of information relevant to applied mathematics in Canada and industry. On April 26, 2012, LUMUN was certified as a representative of postdoctoral candidates at mun. “We are paid by the course and we don`t have any health and dental benefits, even though we do the same job as learning appointments,” says Martha Wells, President of LUMUN. If you would like your name removed from the email list for the CAIMS-SCMAI E-News, please email Sharene Bungay as above.

Previous editions are available on the internet at www.caims.ca//content/e-news-archive submissions are welcome and should be sent out in plain english as follows: “One of our instructors had a serious infection a few years ago that went through her body and she had to have several amputations. She couldn`t teach like that anymore. Without health care, she had to go to crowdfunding to get money for her prosthetics. It is lamentable — it seems that this is not the case in Canada. I think a lot of people have this idea of the ivory tower, and that all the teachers of the university go up and overflow on Cavier. This generalization simply does not hold. The union also called for academic units to promote all year round, as opposed to semesters per semester. This would indicate to workers that they have at least one year of employment, not just four months. When applying for IS, Wells says, MUN`s human resources department says the instuctors are employed 15 hours a week per class. But it is far from being close to reality, says the union.

Collective bargaining is underway between LUMUN and the university, and Wells hopes their message will be heard. In the meantime, she says, they will continue to work to raise awareness among the entire university and the community of the situation they face. Lumun represents postdoctoral fellows and lecturers at Memorial.

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