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Rental Agreement Registration Brussels

Posted byadminon11 04 2021. 0 Comments

The lease agreement (lease or lease/huurcontract) should contain the following: The principal lease agreement must contain a provision that at the end of the first, second or third year, the corporation may transfer the lease to the person in care without the additional consent of the lessor, if the corporation believes that the assisted person is sufficiently independent to assume all the obligations arising from the lease. Can`t exceed 2 months` rent. must be deposited into a bank account opened in the tenant`s name and can only be released with the agreement of both parties or by a judgment in the event of a conflict. The interest paid on the guarantee is the property of the tenant when he leaves the property. The guarantee is intended to cover the damage that the tenant may cause to the rental property or to the non-compliance with the end-of-rent clauses. You should never pay in cash. Normally, you will receive the guarantee at the end of your lease after the final inventory. The electronic confirmation of the registration of the contractual copy signed by myrent is sufficient, as far as I know. Regional law requires the lessor to provide the tenant with a minimum of information before the conclusion of the tenancy agreement. This information includes, among other things, a description of the premises, an estimate of the individual and municipal costs incurred by the tenant, whether or not the building is equipped with individual gas, water and electricity meters, as well as energy certification. If the building has individual counters, the owner is also required to include meters, EAN codes and all identification codes in the building`s furnishing inventory.

The regional legislator has also developed a standard model for the inventory of devices, which can serve as a practical tool. Since 2013, the regional supervisory authority has had the power to prohibit the rental of premises where breaches of essential safety, health and equipment requirements have been found. From now on, all leases relating to a property agreement after such a ban are cancelled for these goods. If only a part or part of the tenant wishes to terminate the tenancy agreement, the tenancy agreement between the landlord and the other tenant or tenants is still in place. The tenant who wishes to opt out of the tenancy agreement must take notice without notice after notification of the landlord and other tenants.

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